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The coming of the new dispensation in Somalia has brought with it increased economic activity. Several UN bodies have set up operations in the Country.

The general existence of insecurity in the country can therefore not be ignored and therefore the need of security becomes imperative.

Even our Government has recognized the need of private security system. The present strength of the state force is not adequate to deal with the increasing requirements.

Kulmiye brings the industry an international standard of services. We at Kulmiye train our staff that they are the eyes and ears of the client. The owners cannot watch everything round the clock. 

They rely on security to look after their interests at all times. A result oriented, highly motivated and a well trained guarding force has been generated by us and the credit for this goes to our managerial team who have an Army & well-disciplined background. 

The focus at Kulmiye is providing customized security solutions and services and not just manpower or security personnel, to be utilized by the client. Below are the profiles of our top management team:- Mr. Abukar Mohamed, has been actively involved in management of security operations for past 10 years. He has significant and relevant experience in all aspects of security up to and including managing the security needs of visiting head of state. 

Mr. Abukar Mohamed has also built an extensive network of relation with security professionals in both government and non-governmental organizations. He has been guiding Kulmiye to realize that constant change is the only step forward towards the future Gen. Noor Mohamed (Advisor) is a former Deputy Director National Intelligence Security Agency , Government of Somalia. 

He has wide ranging experience in the field of internal security to curb the subversive and nepharieus activities of the anti-national elements, He has varied experience in examining cases through secret enquiries, Conducting operation, counter Terrorisms, Industrial security, VIP-Security, Knowledge of overseeing of immigration and other security matters of the airport, He has participated in interaction with other organization Depts. to brief and sensitized about security very frequently. 

Our client base includes UN Bodies, Turkish Organizations operating in Somalia, Hotels, Hospitals and Industries & Institution from the smallest Residences to the largest Corporation. We have been providing services to fit in all circumstances & budgets.

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