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Property Management

A core team with solid foundations in property management assists clients in matters related to property management.

The client stands at the forefront of everything the company does, as the company never forgets that a real client stands behind every square foot.

Kulmiye is proud to provide an un- biased service to all its clients keeping in mind integrity, adding value at every step and endorse the highest quality product and services.

Our clients include UN Bodies and Turkish Organizations with operations in Somalia, Banks, Embassies, Airlines, Hotels, Restaurant and leading Developers etc. 

The professional approach and personalized solutions a few facets which are amalgamated into the compan y’s work profile. Philosophy and values are the company’s brick & morta . 

Kulmiye’s p roperty management portfolio is set to literally pioneer organized property management and advisory services in Somalia. We look forward to being a one-stop property shop for a wide range of services and the first company in its sector to attain ISO certification in Somalia. Kulmiye is set to be a leading property management and allied services company in Somalia We are persuing membership of the International Sanitary Services Association (ISSA) and International Detailers Association (IDA), we are committed to providing modern, professional, environmental-friendly and efficient service to commercial, industrial and domestic clients. 

Kulmiye provides high quality commercial property cleaning services on a contract basis to commercial buildings. Kulmiye offers professionally executed services under a supervisor at each station thus assuring quality and efficient services are offered without the interruption of clients and tenants. 

Maintaining these standards through hard work and professionalism has over the years enhanced and strengthened our relationships with our customers. We have full-time workers who are regularly and fully trained to meet high standards of quality and cleaning performance.

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