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Road Construction
with Modern Equipment

Kulmiye general services is not only a construction Company but also a leading Real Estate entity since 2009

Annual investment for the Company development
Employees to enable us undertake our operations
Years of experience in Construction and Civil Engineering

Property Management

A core team with solid foundations in property management assists clients in matters related to property management. The client stands at the forefront of everything the company does, as the company never forgets that a real client stands behind every square foot. Kulmiye is proud to provide an un- biased service to all its clients keeping in mind integrity, adding value at every step and endorse the highest quality product and services.

Our Projects

Choose a Stylish & Modern Apartment

Smart Home Technology installed as standard in each apartment helps you to create comfortable space at the touch of a button from wherever you might be.

For Inquiries

Our experts are happy to answer all of your questions and find the best possible solution for the project you are working on.

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